• David Brush Wins F2018 Friend of the Society Award! – Examining This Professor’s Impact on Mental Health
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    The Friend of the Society Award is awarded to a faculty/staff member every semester for their contributions to promoting the mental health of their students. They are selected through a nomination period by a committee composed of the VP Academic ‘A’,  VP Student Life ‘B’, and three at large council elected members. The winning person’s nomination(s) must indicate that they have contributed significantly to at least one of the following: Advocating on behalf of students to eliminate elements that have a negative effect on student mental health Showing a long-term commitment and vested interest to the betterment of student mental health Taking action to directly improve the mental health of students This award is brand-new, created this year with three initial recipients; David Bell, Bill […]
  • James Craig Wins F2018 Teaching Excellence Award! – A Deep Dive Into This Instructor’s Excellence
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    The Teaching Excellence Award is awarded to an excellent instructor every semester. They are selected through a nomination period by a committee composed of both VP Academics, two at large council elected members and a representative from the Associate Dean, Teaching. The winning instructor’s nomination(s) must indicated that the instructor has contributed significantly to at least one of the following: Employed non-conventional teaching techniques Allowed opportunities for experiential learning Showed a commitment and dedication towards ensuring academic success for students James Craig is an Associate Professor in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering here at the university. James went above and beyond this term to employ your different learning styles to combine a […]
  • FYDP Problem Bank Investigation Results
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    After two months of investigation, the investigation regarding the FYDP Problem Bank is finally over. Read the full slides here […]
  • Congress and First Year Integration Conference Applications OPEN!!!
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    Hey people of EngSoc! Applications are now open for two conferences that will be happening this upcoming winter. Congress is a week long conference held by the CFES in which you can be exposed to engineering students from across the country, as well as develop leadership and professional skills. Each delegate attends one of several streams of daily programming, geared toward a certain area of interest. This conference is open to all years and programs, and diversity is encouraged so please apply! This year’s congress is being held at McGill in Montreal. Deadline: 11:59pm November 16th FYIC stands for the First Year Integration Conference. FYIC is a leadership development conference for first-year students looking to get more involved in their respective engineering societies. […]
  • October Director of the Month Nominations
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    Winners will be announced at Council Meeting #3 on Wednesday, October 31st! […]
  • FEDS General Meeting – YOU CAN VOTE!
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    The Federation of Students is having its General Meeting this Wednesday! Every University of Waterloo undergrad student gets a vote!! Date: October 24, 2018 Time: 12:00 pm Location: SLC Great Hall Agenda: October 2018 Agenda (PDF) Agenda Supporting Documents: Motion 5a Proposed Bylaw Changes (PDF) Stream Online: livestream   Read the Agenda and supporting documents for the details; but see below for a summary of some of the changes proposed! 1. Councillor proxies would be assigned to Councillors,  These proxies would also be required to list an opinion/decision for every item.  (proxies are given blank to Feds and the first 30 would be immediately handed to Councillors from the same constituency as the proxier).  Also note: currently proxies cannot be used to vote for Directors or Auditor […]
  • Nominate outstanding Waterloo Engineering faculty and staff members for awards!
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    The EngSoc Friend of the Society and Teaching Excellence award committees are now accepting nominations! They work to collect nominations and put together packages to nominate Engineering faculty and staff members for Faculty and University-wide awards! One nominee will also be selected as the winner of each award and have their name added to the plaque. The deadline for nominations is 5 November. For the Friend of the Society Award, the faculty/staff member should have worked towards improving the mental health of students. Friend of the Society Award Nominations: bit.ly/FriendAwardF18 For the Teaching Excellence Award, the instructor (no TAs) should have worked towards improving the academic success of students. Teaching Excellence Award Nominations: bit.ly/TeachingAwardF18 […]
  • Winter 2019 Directorship Applications – OPEN!
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    If you’re in engineering and wanna get involved in UWs Engineering Society in a minor or major way this is a great way to do it! There is a huge variety of directorships totaling about 85, so odds are there’s at least one that you’re interested in. And even if there isn’t you can invent your own!    Applications Close Oct 30th at noon!! Loading… […]
  • Director of the Month Nominations
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    Director of the month nominations are out!!! Names Reasons he/she/they were nominated Resume critique It was phenomenal Michael Beauchemin an awesome POETS manager Nosh For being an awesome + friendly POETS manager and for signing up for RW shifts! Anson Lau For ordering really good council food for meeting #1 and for guarding the food while council was finishing up. Reno For having a good selection of pizza during resume critiques Ben Moir Logistics & Enthusiasm at FYELC Emil He It was her first time being a director and she did amazing! The event was a huge success!!! Lindsay Glofcheskie She’s doing a great job of running both EngiQueers and Poets! Michelle Teplitski Because they are always friendly and approachable. They are doing SO MANY good things Michael Beauchemin […]
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    See Our Post on Background Written by our VP Academic Thomas Dedinsky, Some information on facts regarding the referendum, Orientation, and the Fall Reading Break that will help you inform your decision. For those who want a tl;dr of sorts, read the bolded sentences at the top of each paragraph. See the FEDS VP Education’s Post The Fall Break pilot is coming to an end this year. What do you want to see happen moving forward? VP Education Matt Gerrits explains background and context from the Federation of Students perspective in What’s Happening with Fall Break? VOTE […]
  • Fall Break Referendum Information
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    Hey everyone! As the Fall Break Referendum on 3-4 October nears, I wanted to give some information on facts regarding the referendum, Orientation, and the Fall Reading Break that will help you inform your decision. For those who want a tl;dr of sorts, read the bolded sentences at the top of each paragraph. 2016 introduced a three-year pilot study of two Fall Reading days which ends this year. Prior to 2016, the Thanksgiving weekend was a 3-day weekend, with classes resuming on Tuesday. In 2016 the University introduced the pilot Fall Reading days around Thanksgiving weekend. This was based on the results of a 2014 Feds referendum, where almost 75 percent of students voted for a Fall Reading Break. This also introduced classes during Orientation on Thursday and Friday, which previously was […]
  • Fall Conference Applications: CDE and PEO-SC
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    Conference Applications are now open!!! We will be accepting Responses until 11:59PM on Monday September 24. For those of you who may not be aware, The Waterloo Engineering Society is a part of two larger societies, ESSCO (Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario) and The CFES ( Canadian Federation of Engineering Students). Every year, member schools from the organizations host conferences for students to get informed on various topics related to the engineering community. We select a group of student delegates based on their applications and offer to send them to represent us (primary expenses covered as well). The two conferences happening this term are outlined in the applications as follows: Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE): November 9-11, 2018 at Ryerson […]
  • First Year Engineering Scholarship Opportunities- Professional Engineers Ontario: Grand River Chapter
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      The Grand River chapter of PEO is offering a handful of scholarships for first year engineering students in our region. If you are in your first year of engineering and would like to apply, please see the attached form and follow the instructions within. PEO is the Ontario based organization responsible for regulation and the advancement of the practice of engineering in order to protect public interests. Click here for the application form: 2018 PEO GRC Scholarship Application Form. […]
  • ESSCO-OSPE Tuition & Coop survey
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        The Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO) is working with OSPE to develop a report on issues relating to CO-OP and Tuition for engineering programs across Ontario. We need your input given that you all have valuable opinions on the matter. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey! Click here for the survey: https://bit.ly/2x3taVx […]
  • B-Society Fundraiser Wins School of the Month
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    We’re excited to announce that the University of Waterloo B-Society was honoured with ESSCO August School of the Month!  This honour comes through the huge success of the Purpling Fundraiser. This past Spring Term, the B-Society Exec team raised funds towards The Trevor Project, crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth.   The fundraiser began at the beginning of the spring term and ran until Engineering Day, July 13th, 2018.  At set milestones different members of the exec team were dyed purple. $500: A Purple Ashley Clark, Mech 2020, VP Student Life $1000: + A Purple Grant Mitchell, Geo 2020, VP Communications $1500: + A Purple Benjamin Beelen, Enviro 2020, VP Academic $2000: + A Purple Liam Yeates, MGMT 2019, VP Finance $3000: + A Purple Katie Arnold, […]
  • Beginning of term Party 2018
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    Come meet your leaders, fellow first years and Engineering Society Exec at our Beginning of Term Party!! On Sunday, September 9th, the winner of Engineering Orientation will be announced at our Beginning of Term Party! Free BBQ! Event Starts at 7 pm in POETS, CPH 1337! […]
  • Joint Annual General Meeting 2018
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    When: June 23th at 6:00 pm Where: RCH 101 Who: Any member of Engineering ‘A’ or ‘B’ Society is welcome to attend If you are unable to attend the meeting but would still like your voice to be heard, you can proxy your vote to someone who will be attending the meeting. Every attendee may hold up to two proxies (3 votes total). The proxy forms can be found below or in the EngSoc Office and are due June 20th by 4:30 pm. You can submit proxies by emailing them to the JAGM Chair, Clarke Vandenhoven, via the Secretary at (secretary.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca) or by dropping them off in the EngSoc Office, CPH 1327. If you have any questions, email president@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca Attachments: JAGM 2018 Engenda JAGM Proxy Form       […]
  • President’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health (PAC-SMH)
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    On March 14th, 2018, Michael Beauchemin, Patricia Duong, Katie Arnold, and Abdullah Barakat attended the PAC-SMH Panel Discussion. If you have any follow-up questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to us at executive@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca . Obviously, we here at the Engineering Society are very excited to see the great gears of the University starting to turn to address the Mental Health issues on campus. That said, there are a great many details that still need to be worked out from all sides. This first step isn’t a large one, but it is an important one. The University cares and it is trying to improve the state of student mental health on campus. The Engineering Society looks forward to working with FedS, the PAC-SMH, and the University as a whole to provide input from […]
  • Constitutional Amendments
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    Below are three constitutional amendments being presented in advance of Council Meeting 4, which is taking place on Wednesday March 14th, 2018 at 5:30 pm in E5 3101. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the EngSoc President at president.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca. http://http://pilot.engsoc.uwaterloo.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Consitiutional-Amendments-1.png […]
  • Winter 2018 Presidential, Vice Presidential and WEEF Director Candidates
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    Presidential Candidate Mariko Shimoda I am a smol gal with big ideas and I want to be your President! I have previously served as the Vice President of Student Life and the First Year Commissioner, and have experience in many areas of the Waterloo community. As your President, I promise to do my best to make Waterloo Engineering more fun, supportive, inclusive, and something we can all be proud to be a part of. I will look to involve more of the Waterloo community by creating initiatives that are relevant to more people. I will support diversity initiatives to allow minority groups to become more prevalent in the community. I will advocate for students receiving more timely mental health care, and improving the quality of life for engineering students. Vote Mariko for a better time at […]