Council Meetings This Term

All meetings are on Tuesday (Beginning 6:00 PM EST) 

May 21
Jun 6
Jun 27
Jul 11
Jul 25

A-Society Council

B-Society Council

A-Society Speaker:

Emma White –

A-Society Secretary:


B-Society Speaker:

Rachel Ruffo –

B-Society Secretary:

TBD – 

The Waterloo Engineering Society Council exists to co-ordinate the official business, approve the allocation of funds, and exercise control over the actions of the on-term Society.

Council seats are comprised of the on-term executive officers, the off-term president, and up to two representatives from each on-term class. The Speaker, chosen termly by the on-term executive, acts as Council chair in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Council meetings are public and anyone may attend; however, speaking privileges are reserved for members of the Society or those who are recognized by a member. The rights to move motions, second motions, and vote are reserved for those who hold an official seat. Class representatives may proxy their rights to any on-term member by giving at least 24 hours’ notice to the Speaker.

Class reps are elected by majority vote in a self-regulated in-class election each academic term. If no official election takes place, the previous term’s class reps maintain their council seat. First year class representative elections are facilitated by the current Society executives in advance of the first Council meeting of the term. Class reps are responsible for attending all meetings and voting on behalf of their class, collecting feedback from their class prior to meetings, and updating their class with recent news and upcoming events after meetings. Class reps also encourage and facilitate class participation in EngSoc events to increase the feeling of community!

If you have motions you would like to submit for a General Meeting or a Council meeting we have prepared a guide which helps you through the process. See the guide here.

To see past council minutes and agendas click here.