Each school term, every undergraduate engineering student pays an Engineering Society fee which grants them membership within the Engineering Society. Currently the fee is set at $19.69, and will show up as “ENG Student Society” on your student fee bill on Quest. This fee is used to fund the Society’s operating budget. This budget is what is used to support all of the events and services that the Society runs each term, as well as running some of the day to day operations, such as our office. Past Engineering Society budgets can be found under the documents section of the website.

By being a fee paying member of the Society, you are entitled to use all Society services and participate in events, including the online exam bank, student deals discount program, the POETS student lounge, ski trips, the Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC), coffee house, Pride Parade, and many more. Without this fee, it would not be possible for the Society to organize and run everything that it does each term.

The Engineering Society fee is refundable. To refund your fee, you must opt-out by sending an email to the VP Finance within the first 3 weeks of each semester you are on term. In doing so, you will be giving up your ability to use Society services and attend Society events. Remember: the best way to “get your money’s worth” is to attend events and use our services as often as possible!

If you have any questions about the fee or how it is used, please contact the VP Finance of the Society at vpfinance@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca.