The Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC) is a design competition run in collaboration with the Engineering Society and Sandford Fleming Foundation (SSF). Run in Fall and Spring terms, WEC has seven different competitions: junior design, senior design, consulting, programming, debate, communications, and innovation. The top teams from each competition will have the opportunity to represent Waterloo at the Ontario Engineering competition to compete for a chance to advance to the nationals.


Competition Descriptions

Junior Design

Competitors must work within a time and budget constraints to design, build and test a physical solution to the given problem statement. Underlying concepts for this competition will be focused on a more general level of understanding, such as forces and simple mechanics. Teams will be expected to present their solution to judges and be evaluated on their design, teamwork and performance. The entire team must be composed of students in 2A or below.  

Senior Design

The senior design competition is designed for upper year students to display more advanced technical design and problem-solving skills.  Competitors in this event will be working with stringent constraints and must satisfy a complex design problem. As in many real-life applications, the problem statements usually span a variety of disciplines, so interdisciplinary teams are encouraged, but not necessary for success. Teams will be expected to present their solution to judges and be evaluated on their design, teamwork and performance. Although intended for senior students, all levels of competitors are welcome to signup. 


Engineering consultants can be found in almost every industry to provide sound technical advice for business decision making. They are tasked with creating a variety of solutions for a given problem so that the company may reach the optimal decision. Competitors in this event are tasked with taking on the role of consultants. Given a problem statement, teams must research, develop and present a logical and feasible solution to the judges. The solution must account for many factors including the social, environmental, technological and financial impacts of their proposals. Competitors will be judged based on their understanding of the competitors needs and their effort to optimize their solution.


Programming is quickly becoming an essential skill in many disciplines, including engineering. In this event, competitors aim to display their fluency and versatility in designing an industry-quality program that satisfies the given problem statement. Each team will present their solution to the judges through a demonstration of their code and a live demo of their finished product! Competitors will be evaluated based on the efficiency, user appeal and structure of their code. All languages are welcome!

Sandford Fleming Foundation Technical Speaking

The Sandford Fleming Foundation Technical  Speaking Competition is being held virtually this term. Pre-recorded presentations can be submitted until Monday, Nov 16, at 10:00 pm (EST). Engineering students are invited to participate individually. Submissions from both on and off stream students are welcome.

If you think you are a great communicator, this is your opportunity to hone and demonstrate your skills through an 8-10 minute prepared presentation. Pick a technological process or issue and clearly explain it to a general engineering student audience, with an emphasis on social, technological, economic and/or environmental impact. 

The top two competitors will share $300 in prize money, and the top presenter will be invited to represent Waterloo at the Ontario Engineering Competition in January 2021.

More information about the competition and submission requirements can be found here: In addition, please contact for questions regarding policy or format.

WEC Fall 2020

November 14, 9am - 7pm EDT