Women in Engineering - WiE

WiE has been a part of UW since 1992, and it’s goal is to create an inclusive and intersectional community for engineering students regardless of gender! WiE supports and encourages the next generation of students, especially women, including trans and nonbinary students, to pursue careers in engineering. WiE hosts social events every term and would love to see you there!



With meetings taking place weekly in POETS, EngiQueers focuses on connecting LGBTQ+ students in engineering and providing them with a place they can feel at home and accepted. Meetings are informal and usually have a queer-themed movie playing amidst discussion and board games. For more information email the presidents at engiqueers@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca!


“NSBE UW is a collegiate chapter of a national organization of black engineering students and professionals. The goal of NSBE’s UWaterloo chapter is to foster an active community to support the academic and professional success of black engineering students at the University of Waterloo.

We aim to achieve this goal through events such as speaker series where members are able to tap in to the expertise of our network of black engineering alumni on a variety of topics, and black study hall where members are given a safe space to study, socialize and support one another through their educational journey. We are currently working on getting other initiatives off the ground including our member mentorship program.

What we do at NSBE is important because if we are successful in our executing our vision, the outcome will be a stronger professional and educational network, increased academic performance and an overall improved university experience for the black engineering community at UW.”



AISES in Canada (the Canadian branch of AISES – American Indian Science and Engineering Society) is an organization focused on supporting and creating a community for Indigenous, Métis, and Inuit students in STEM. The AISES chapter at UWaterloo invites any students in STEM or STEM-adjacent fields to join and meet other Indigenous students at our school and beyond, and help grow themselves professionally as well as academically. 

In Fall 2023, AISES is starting a rocketry team to compete in the FNL (First Nations Launch) competition.



Glow is the oldest continuously running queer student organization in Canada. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, it offers a wide variety of discussion groups, social events, advocacy opportunities, awareness campaigns, resources, and information.

For more resources and information such as where to find gender neutral washrooms, or to provide anonymous feedback and incident reports:

Visit our website at https://wusa.ca/services/glow-centre-sexual-and-gender-diversity Or email us at glow@wusa.ca

Women's Centre

The Women’s Centre aims to provide a female-positive and supportive environment on campus for all women and trans* folks. However, our services are for everyone! Our volunteers are trained to provide peer support with an intersectional lens and can help connect you with resources about sexual health, healthy relationships, mental health, and more. We’re here to listen, support, and help connect students with other resources within the university and the community. We hold workshops, events, film screenings, and campaigns to educate on various issues through an intersectional feminist lens.

Engineering EDI

Engineering EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) is a new initiative on campus, catering to faculty, staff, and students within the Faculty of Engineering; our goals are in alignment with those of the University of Waterloo’s Equity office. We strive to amplify events which support and bolster equity and inclusivity on campus, as well as host our own events to help students with similar experiences connect with one another. We also provide support to student groups and chapters such as AISES, EngiQueers, NSBE, and WiE. 


Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism

The Equity Office at the University of Waterloo, works with students, faculty and staff across campus to advance equity through evidence-based policies, practices and programs. 


Get Involved!

Become an active participant in EngSoc’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) efforts by exploring opportunities such as joining the Inclusivity Committee, pursuing directorship positions, becoming part of affiliated groups, and connecting with the executive team.