RidgidWare is the Engineering Society’s electronic components and hardware shop. Previously located in Carl Pollock Hall Foyer, RidgidWare now finds its home in E7, right next to the new Engineering Coffee and Donut Shop! The new location is spacious and includes several shelving and drawer units to hold more items than ever before. 

RidgidWare is conveniently located on campus for those who don’t want to wait for online orders or deal with the hassle of finding stores off-campus.

RidgidWare’s goal is to be a one stop shop for any project you might have, whether you need advice, parts, or ideas. Whether you need resistors and breadboards for your lab, LEDs for your research project, or an Arduino for a personal project, you’ll be able to find what you need in RidgidWare. In addition to electronics components and equipment, the new RigidWare store will sell nuts and bolts, screws, glue, and wood and plexiglass for laser cutting.  Students will also be able to borrow tools to work on their own projects.

Hobbyists and amateurs are more than welcome, as we employ a number of upper-year students with circuits, materials, and programming experience to offer advice!