Uniting Talent and Innovation: Join Us at the 2024 Engineering Society Career Fair!

We are delighted to extend a dual invitation to both employers and students to partake in the highly anticipated 2024 Engineering Society Career Fair. This dynamic event is set to unfold in early March 2024, serving as the ultimate intersection where cutting-edge companies and budding engineering talents converge.

For Employers: Why Participate?

🚀Access Exceptional Talent: Tap into a rich pool of young, dynamic engineering minds representing various disciplines. Discover potential interns and future employees who can infuse your workforce with fresh perspectives and creativity.

🚀Showcase Your Identity: Display your company’s unique ethos, projects, and career paths. Leverage this platform to foster meaningful connections and share the innovative work that sets your organization apart.

🚀Networking Nexus: Engage with fellow industry leaders and visionaries. Establish connections that could catalyze collaborations, partnerships, and mutually beneficial growth.


For Students: Why Attend?

⭐Explore Opportunities: Interact with top-notch companies spanning a range of engineering sectors. Gain insights into their projects, work culture, and the skills they seek in potential team members.

⭐Career Catalyst: Immerse yourself in enlightening talks and panel discussions led by industry experts. Absorb valuable insights into emerging trends and challenges, and equip yourself for a dynamic career journey.

⭐On-site Interactions: Some companies will be hosting on-site presentations. Learn more about the amazing companies operating in the engineering industries of Waterloo and Canada.

The event embraces a broad spectrum of engineering domains, encompassing but not limited to: Aerospace, Defense, Software, Energy, Environment,  Infrastructure. Automotive, Manufacturing


We are currently working on a resume registration form upcoming for the 2024 fair. Keep your eyes on the Engsoc website and social media platforms for more information. If you would like to know more information, you can always send an email to careerfair@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca.

Let's shape the future of engineering hand in hand, fostering innovation, collaboration, and boundless possibilities. We eagerly anticipate your presence at the 2024 Engineering Society Career Fair!