The Engineering Society is committed to helping students through their first year in Waterloo Engineering so we offer many events and services specifically for first year engineering students. Our most popular ones are listed below. For more information, email:

First-year resources can be found here.

Log In to the University of Waterloo Engineering Orientation Week Page HERE!

Interested in Governance? First years, as well as all engineering undergraduates, are welcome to attend our Engineering Society Council Meetings where all engineering students have speaking rights. 

First Year Mentorship Program

The First Year Mentoring Program was created in order to help first year students transition into Waterloo Engineering. First-years are paired with upper year mentors who will guide them through their first term by sharing tips, tricks and experiences. More than anything, it provides first-years with a resource of how to survive engineering, and a friend that will help give them a better sense of belonging in their brand new environment.
If you would like to be matched with a mentor for the 2023-2024 school year, please sign up using this link.

First Year Engineering Conference

September 11-14 2023

The purpose of the First Year Engineering Conference is to provide first year students with professional development and leadership skills. By attending this conference, first year students will be given the tools necessary to succeed throughout their university career and beyond. By providing workshops, guest speakers, and hands-on activities, first year students will become more well-rounded, and learn how to get involved within the Waterloo Engineering community!