The Engineering Capital Improvements Fund (ECIF) is used to support lasting capital improvements to student space and services in the Engineering Society. Each term, a certain percentage of the budget is allocated towards this fund (15% in the Fall and Winter, 5% in the Spring).

In the past, ECIF has funded a number of purchases, such as furniture for the POETS patio, a new projector for POETS, a drum kit, speakers and lighting equipment, and a bike repair stand. The ECIF funds are allocated by the Board of Directors, which is made up of 4 “A” Society At-Large Students, 4 “B” Society At-Large Students, the Engineering Society Business Manager, both Engineering Society Presidents, and both Engineering Society Vice-Presidents Finance. Any student is able to submit a proposal for the fund, which can be done year-round below.

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ECIF Submissions

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The Engineering Society Capital Improvements Fund Committee is accepting applications for allocations of the fund. The committee will be allocating money for capital improvements for present and long term projects that can include:

  1. Improvement of the facilities of the Engineering Society
  2. Supporting and improving both new and existing services of the Society.
  3. Improving the facilities and services of Affiliates (including the Iron Warrior)
  4. Other projects that the Committee feels fulfill the purpose of the Fund

Proposals can always be submitted. There are allocations every term, so if your submission does not make it into the next allocation, do not worry.

ECIF Documents