Waterloo Engineering Society 

The University of Waterloo Engineering Society exists to promote a positive undergraduate experience among its members through representation of student opinion as well as support of academic, professional and social needs.

  • B-Society VP and WEEF Election Results
    Now that all elections have been completed for B-Society Executive, here are the results! WEEF Director Votes cast: 152 Candidate: Stephen Milek Yes votes: 114 No votes: 11 Vice-President Finance Votes cast: 150 Candidate: Audreie Primandono Yes votes: 115 No votes: 14 Vice-President Student Life Votes cast: 151 Candidate: Derek Broekhoven Yes votes: 116 No votes: 21 Vice-President Communications Votes cast: 159 Candidates: Nonso Moneme, Elle Nichols 1st place votes: 73 Nonso, 72 Elle, 14 No […]
  • Denise Mueller Wins the Friend of the Society Award!
    The Friend of the Society Award is awarded to a faculty/staff member every semester for their contributions to promoting the mental health of their students. The winning person’s nomination(s) must indicate that they have contributed significantly to at least one of the following: Advocating on behalf of students to eliminate elements that have a negative effect on student mental health Showing a long-term commitment and vested interest to the betterment of student mental health Taking action […]
  • VP Academic Report Release
    Hello Folks, All the reports recently released have been available to the Engineering Society membership through their class reps since their publish date, and are now publicly accessible on the EngSoc Website! You can find these along with our other reports HERE.  Today we release the Winter 2019 Reports: Mandate Report by the VP Academic – GIT on Eng Computing Mandate Report by the VP Academic – Work Term Report Marking Fee Co-op Student Workplace Safety Working Group Report We […]
  • Special Winter Joint General Meeting
    Our Winter Joint General Meeting is happening on Sunday! Here’s what you can do to have your voice heard: Attend in person! That’s 10am in E7 7th floor. Here’s the agenda: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3eWtg8bkTibVm9xYlVvSDhJZEJKRDdnZ29QaFhmUFJOcWww/view Remote attend! Sign up here for that: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9Eo89m6KFEuofLl2ZgF2_B4kX2chMLVjCr0N1AAFzov9wDg/viewform Proxy your vote! Give your vote to someone by 4:30pm tomorrow using this form: […]
  • VP Academic Nominations Open!
    Hey Everybody! VP Academic nominations are OPEN until Monday March 11th at 4:30 PM. Get those nominations forms in! […]