Resume & Interview Workshops

Resume Critiques

Each term the Engineering Society puts together a series of resume critique workshops where engineering students who need to build or update their resumes can have their application package looked at by upper year students. Volunteers are experienced students who have been through several rounds of co-op job applications, so the feedback you receive at these workshops has the potential to be a true asset to your resume.

Interview Skill

The Engineering Society also hosts interview skills workshops where upper year students volunteer to run mock interviews and provide feedback to fellow students. General interview skills are also reviewed for students who are seeking general advice.

Technical Workshops

Technical workshops can supplement the learning done in the classroom, can help prepare you for co-op, or can be an opportunity for students to try something new unrelated to their program. The number and topics of workshops we run depend on the term and student interest but below are a list of some of the topics we have covered in the past. Please check the Engineering Society calendar here for upcoming events.

  • AutoCad
  • Solidworks
  • Matlab
  • LaTeX
  • Soldering
  • Excel
  • Command Line Editing
  • PCB Design
  • P.Eng
  • Public Speaking

If there a specific topic you would like to see the Engineering Society run a workshop on please e-mail with your suggestions.