Student Awards

Paul & Paula Plummer Award

The Paul and Paula Plummer Award (P&P) is the most revered award of the Engineering Society. It is presented to those who have contributed to the benefit of the Society in a manner deemed to be outstanding and commendable, and who have shown a genuine caring for school spirit and the status of student life within the faculty of engineering.

The award is typically presented to fourth-year students who have demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment to the engineering society and engineering student life throughout their years at UW. The award is presented each winter at Grad Ball to a chosen few, as nominated by the Engineering Society Council and ultimately selected by the Engineering Society presidents.

President's Awards

President’s Awards are given to Engineering Society volunteers, directors or commissioner who excelled in their contribution to the Society, the winners of these awards of gone above and beyond the expectations of their role and showed initiative and leadership. These awards are presented by the Executive team each term at the final Engineering Society Council Meeting.

Paul Harlick Award

Every term, classes elect representatives to the Engineering Society Council, and each term there are some class reps who go above and beyond with their dedication to the role and how many classmates they get to participate in Engineering Society or class events. To reward such outstanding effort, the Paul Harlick Award is presented to the most outstanding class reps each term.
Paul Harlick was a member of the Mechanical Engineering class of 1973, and a class rep. During his 3A term, Paul’s constant effort led his class to the P**5 championship. His untimely death while he and his classmates attempted to pull off yet another amazing stunt prompted the Engineering Society to establish an award to honour his memory and remind us of the spirit that he, as a class rep, helped foster in others.

Engineering Society Leadership Excellence Award & First Year Award

An award, valued at $1000, is presented each term to a full-time, on-term undergraduate student enrolled in any Faculty of Engineering Program at the University of Waterloo who has displayed exceptional leadership within the University, Faculty of Engineering, or community at large. An additional award, valued at $1000, is presented annually in the fall term to a full time, on-term undergraduate student enrolled in their 1A term in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo who has displayed exceptional leadership within their high school or community at large prior to coming to Waterloo. This award is supported by the University of Waterloo Engineering Society and the Office of the Dean of Engineering.

Award Requirements and Application Deadline:

  • Program and expected year of graduation • A current resume
  • A detailed description of all leadership roles undertaken while attending the University of Waterloo, including the responsibilities of the individual in this position, time commitment taken, and the size of the organization. This may not exceed five (5) pages in length.
  • A detailed letter explaining how your leadership roles have had an impact or importance to the University of Waterloo, the Faculty of Engineering, or the Waterloo Community (or your high school/community at large for the First Year Award). This may not exceed two (2) pages in length.

Submit completed application on or before deadline to the University of Waterloo Engineering Society. They must be submitted via email to

For the Winter 2024 term, the deadline to apply is June 30th, 2024 at 11:59pm, send applications to

*Note: Candidates must have attained an average of 60% in their most recent academic term.