What is EngSoc?

The Engineering Society is the official representative for all engineering undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo and exists to support you through your time at Waterloo academically, socially, and professionally. EngSoc serves its members in three main ways which are listed below.


The Engineering Society represents its students to the Faculty of Engineering, university administration, various university-level committees, other on campus student societies, and external organizations. The Society is committed to ensuring the all members are given the opportunity to give their input and that the student voice is represented.


The Engineering Society provides many services to students to support them during their time here at Waterloo. Some of our services include POETS (our engineering student lounge), the C&D (coffee and donut shop), an online exam bank, student deals discount program, resume critiques, work report binding, technical skills workshops, a career fair, and an engineering novelties shop.


Each term the Society runs over 50 different events for students that are organized by our many student directors. Some of our more popular events include semi-formals, coffee houses, ski trips, LAN parties and our famous Of-Term parties in POETS. The Society prides itself in the diversity of its members and events. It is our goal to provide something for everyone, and we are always welcoming of new event ideas.

A-Society and B-Society

As Waterloo Engineering students alternate between work terms and school terms every four months, the Engineering Society is run alternately by two teams of students: Society “A” (A-Soc) and Society “B” (B-Soc). Each term the on-stream society switches between the two societies, allowing us to maintain a consistent set of executive, directors, and members. Depending on how each program’s streaming schedule is arranged, you may switch societies more than once during your time at Waterloo. Whichever society is on-term while you are in a school term is the society of which you are currently a member. To find out which Society is currently on term, look at the header located on the homepage of this site.

Mission and Vision

The Engineering Society Executive are committed to executing and working towards the mission and vision of the Society as outlined below. The mission and vision statements were adopted by both Societies at the Joint Council Meeting of 2014.

Mission of the Engineering Society

The University of Waterloo Engineering Society exists to promote a positive undergraduate experience among its members through representation of student opinion as well as support of academic, professional and social needs. The Society will strive to provide means for its members to develop and succeed as undergraduate students, and in their future endeavors.

Vision of the Engineering Society

The University of Waterloo Engineering Society will work to better facilitate representation of its students on all relevant matters. The Society will strive to grow and improve its academic, professional, and social events and services to cater to the expanding diversity of its members.


When the University of Waterloo, then called the Waterloo College Associate Faculties, opened to students in Spring of 1957, the first class on campus was composed of 74 young men who dreamed of being engineers. With a radical new co-operative education system and modified school year (at the time 4 terms of three months each), the University began to grow, and soon after, in 1958, the inaugural engineering classes formed the first formal student organization on campus, the Engineering Council.

Before the University of Waterloo began making headlines for its academic prowess, the engineering students made national headlines in 1958 with a prank they pulled on the City of Waterloo by painting “BEER” on a city water tower. It was this student spirit and unity that would give the Engineering Council the ability to grow, and to continue the tradition of faculty pride.

As time progressed, the Engineering Council became the Engineering Society, and in 1971 a Constitution was drafted and approved, creating the Society we know. While Waterloo grew out of the muddy farm fields into an international academic powerhouse, the Engineering Society grew out of the original engineering huts of the late 50’s into the largest, most active student society on campus and one of the most active in all of Canada. Built on legacy and tradition, the Engineering Society continues to be a role model for other student societies, and while the University forges into its sixth decade, EngSoc continues to unify the students in the Faculty of Engineering.


The Engineering Society Executives are tasked with representing the Society, directing daily operations, and are responsible for the Society’s continued improvement and growth. Each executive role is unique and has its own important responsibilities. The Executive teams are elected every other on-stream term, thus each Executive remains in office for two co-op terms and two on-stream terms (a total of 16 months). The Executives are accountable to their respective constituencies, so please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions or concerns you have by clicking on their names below.


A-Society Executive Team (on campus)

B-Society Executive Team (on co-op)

The President

The President is the face and voice of the Engineering Society, and it is ultimately their responsibility to ensure that the whole organization is properly represented and all operations are running smoothly. They represent engineering student interests at all times, including at various faculty and university meetings, where they do their best to ensure that actions taken by these groups serve their constituency. They are the official student link to the Dean’s Office and regularly meet with the Undergraduate Student Liaison Officer to present feedback on current issues affecting students. They also serve as the default student representative on tribunals held by the Faculty Committee for Student Appeals (FCSA). The President accompanies the VP Communications at certain larger conferences including CFES Congress, CFES Presidents’ Meeting (CFES PM), ESSCO Presidents’ Meeting (ESSCO PM), and ESSCO Annual General Meeting (ESSCO AGM). The on-term President serves as the spokesperson for the Tool, and is the sole person responsible for its wellbeing. They are also responsible for ensuring the Society’s documentation is up to date (Bylaws, Policy Manual, internal documents, and records). The president welcomes students to meet with them to discuss any concerns or suggestions they may have about the Engineering Society, and makes a strong effort to get to know their membership.

The Vice President Academic

The VP Academic is responsible for representing student interests in all matters that are academic in nature. This includes curriculum, academic policies, cooperative education, and professional development. They attend meetings on various committees and are also responsible for managing the Society’s academic services and directorships, which include the Exam Bank, Resume Critiques and Interview Skills Workshops, Course Critiques, and the Career Fair. They also act as a liaison between Academic Reps and the Engineering Society, and may choose to offer resources to Academic Reps, which frequently include workshops. Another responsibility of the VP Academic is to actively pursue resolutions to any general academic concerns that students have.

The Vice President Communications

The VP Communications serves as a representative of the Society to external organizations and to the community. They work with professional organizations such as Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) to promote student involvement in the engineering profession. In addition, the VP Communications frequently sits on student councils at a provincial and federal level, which allows them to liaise with representatives from other schools and share best practices for the benefit of the Waterloo Engineering Society. Another primary component of the VP Communications’ portfolio is to coordinate all of the advertising methods for the Engineering Society members through mailing lists and other social media platforms.

The Vice President Finance

The VP Finance is responsible for the fiscal affairs of the society, which includes the dispersal of funds, and the creation and management of the termly budget. Directors use the VP Finance as a resource in planning the financial aspects of their events and services, and will submit their expense claims to the VP Finance for reimbursement. The VP Finance has signing authority of the Engineering Society Accounts, is responsible for managing the Novelties Store, RidgidWare, and POETS. The VP Finance typically also manages capital expenditures, and brainstorms ways to disperse funds in ways that most benefit students.

The Vice President Student Life

The VP Student Life oversees all of the Engineering Society’s social events, and ensures all of the responsibilities of those directorships are fulfilled. The VP Student Life is prepared to provide any support required by such directors, which includes representing directorship concerns at executive meetings, answering resource and logistics questions, and resolving conflicts.The VP Student Life is responsible for creating the termly calendar of events and services. Another primary component of the VP Student Life portfolio is to promote Waterloo Engineering to the community at large through outreach and charity initiatives. The VP Student Life also manages and facilitates the Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC) with the help of a commissioner and team of directors, and co-ordinates delegate participation in the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) and Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) as necessary.


The Waterloo Engineering Society employs commissioners to assist the executive with the day to day operations of the society, as well as exploring the growth of certain portfolios. Commissioners work closely with directors and Executive to ensure that all the Society services and events run successfully. Below are the current commissioners and their contact information. Applications open for positions at the end of each academic term. If you have any questions about the positions please e-mail president@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca.


The Speaker is an officer position that is appointed by the President. The Speaker is repsonsable for the Engineering Society Council and its Meetings. This includes compiling the agenda, booking rooms, preparing AV, and chairing the meetings.

A-Society: Michael Beauchemin (speaker.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019): Simon Grigg (speaker.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)

Advertising Commissioner

This Commissioner is head of the Advertising Team. Their main responsibility is leading the team in all advertising of internal Engineering Society activities through mediums including social media, the website, mailing list, and posters. They also facilitate marketing services for other directors wishing to promote their events as well as the weekly EngSoc schedule!

A-Society: Sarah Madigan (advertising.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019): Roxane Fruytier (advertising.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)

First Year Commissioner

The First Year Commissioner is a joint effort between both societies to facilitate the transition process for incoming students. This commissioner welcomes first years by appearing as a familiar face at events, and acts as a reliable source of information and person at whom to direct questions or concerns. They are also responsible for overseeing events and services that are focused on first year students such as first year mentoring and the first year conference, and shall work with first year class reps and directors to promote first year involvement.

A-Society: Andrew Broadbent and Siddarth Kumar (firstyear@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019): Not Run Next Term

Mental Health Commissioner

The Mental Health Commissioner is in charge of facilitating with UW MATES (Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support), working with MATES volunteers, and growing the MATES portfolio within the Engineering Society.

A-Society: Anastasiya Mihaylova (mentalhealth.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019): Quin Millard (mentalhealth.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)

Outreach Commissioner

The Outreach Commissioner is in charge of increasing the amount of community outreach opportunities offered through the Waterloo Engineering Society. This individual works closely with relevant directors by providing support and direction whenever needed, with the intent of developing Society outreach programs and increasing the impact of charity efforts. The Outreach Commissioner is also encouraged to develop new ideas for outreach events and programs.

A-Society: Mathan Murugathasan (outreach.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019):
 Sarah Werezak (outreach.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)

Socials and Events Commissioner

The Socials and Events Commissioner oversees the majority of the Event Directors. They act as support to the VP Student Life in planning the calendar of events for the upcoming term and provide support to the majority of the Event Directors.

A-Society: Celine O’Neil (events.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019):
Deanna Danelon & Ellen McGee (events.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)

Student Services Commissioner

The Student Services Commissioner oversees the majority of the service directors. This includes workshops, industry talks, exam bank and course critiques. They work closely with the VP Academic to plan the calendar and to continue expanding the amount of services offered by the Society.

A-Society: Jackson Barr (studentservices.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019):
Maggie Brewster (studentservices.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)

Waterloo Engineering Competition Commissioner

The Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC) Commissioner is responsible for organizing and running the Waterloo Engineering Competition, which is held every other on-stream term. The WEC Commissioner is charged with overseeing every aspect of the competition, including the details of the competitions for each group, organizing logistics, judges, and signup for interested teams.

A-Society: Alan Huang  (wec.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)
B-Society (Winter 2019): Not Run Next Term (wec.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca)


The activities and services of the Engineering Society are coordinated by student volunteers called directors. Below is a list of the current directors for the A-Society and the B-Society. If you are interested in filling a vacant directorship or creating a new event or service, please contact the appropriate exec member. Applications for all directorships open at the end of each term.

Directorships Fall 2018: 

PresidentMariko Shimodapresident.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
WebsiteMivia Li
Shweta Salil
HistorianLindsay Glofcheskie
SpeakerMichael Beaucheminspeaker.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
SecretaryLaura Scanlan
Mental Health CommissionerAnastasiya Mihaylovamentalhealth.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Mental Health BlogDaria Yampolsky
Shweta Salil
Post Secret ServiceAwn Duqoum
Jessie Christie
Puppies in POETSElle Nichols
Let’s Talk
VP AcademicThomas Dedinskyvpacademic.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Exam Bank (Programming)Peter Dye
Darcy Clark
Michelle Teplitski
Exam Bank (Logistics)Thomas Dedinsky
Resume RescueRichard Yang
Jason Small
Course CritiquesRobbie Lowles
VP Operations & FinanceMichelle Teplitskivpfinance.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
POETS ManagersAndrew Dickson
Michael Beauchemin
Lindsay Glofcheskie
Felix Jancso-Szabo
Nosherwan Ahmed
NoveltiesFelix Jancso-Szabo
Grace Bock
Gregory Sinclair
Emily Bauer
Novelties Fashion ShowEmily Bauer
Patch DesignEmily Bauer
EnvironmentZach von Massow
Reno Natalizio
Delainey Lindstrom-Humphries
Director AppreciationRobbie Lowles
Council FoodAnson Lau
VP CommunicationsAndrew Dawsonvpcomm.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Spirit SquadReed Rodgers
Anika Roller
PEO RepresentativeZach von Massow
Nicolas Abou Sawan
Advertising CommissionerSarah Madiganadvertising.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
MediaJoanna Liu
Natalie Pinchin
Anastasiya Mihaylova
Graphic DesignKatie Arnold
Heather Cowan
Social MediaMayyar Al-Atari
WEC CommissionerAlan Huangwec.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Junior DesignRobert Pavlinich
Matthew Agnihotri
Senior DesignKelsey Black
ConsultingEmily He
Lucy Shen
ProgrammingJustin Borromeo
Dalton Sweeney
Owen Neuber
LogisticsNicolas Abou Sawan
VP Student LifeEmma Swarneyvpstudentlife.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Data DirectorRobbie Lowles
Reed Rodgers
Free FoodReno Natalizio
Julian Petit
Ben Moir
First Year CommissionerAndrew Broadbent and Siddarth Kumarfirstyear.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
MentoringZulphkar Yalchin
Muhammad Subhan Altaf
M. Musaab Siddiqui
F*ck Up ForumSimon Grigg
Outreach CommissionerMathan Murugathasanoutreach.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
Educational OutreachDelainey Lindstrom-Humphries
Samuel San
Hannah Prins
Bus PushLucy Shen
Kiera Mathers
Pay it ForwardMaggie Brewster
Women in EngineeringWinnie Ren
Blood RunsWilliam Klanac
Clothing DriveSehrish Ahmad
Santa Claus ParadeSteven Jia
Socials and Events CommissionerCeline O’Neilevents.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
EngPlayYin Fu (Elton) Tang
Claudia Nashmi
EngHack S19Ike Lee
Nikhil Gupta
Nosherwan Ahmed
Winnie Ren
Nicolas Abou Sawan
LAN PartyMatthew Agnihotri
D&DSimon Grigg
OutingsWilliam Losin
Ramen Noodle Eating ContestWilliam Losin
B*tch ‘n StitchFelix Jancso-Szabo
Gregory Sinclair
RPDR Viewing PartyRaphael Lopez
SemiNosherwan Ahmed
Fracesca Vuong
Nancy Ton
Coffee HouseMaggie Brewster
Winnie Ren
Speed DatingLucy Shen
Emily He
Mocktail MakingTaylor Robertson
Student Services CommissionerJackson Barrstudentservices.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca
WorkshopsPeter Dye
Kevin Chan (UX)
Diwya De Silva (UX)
Aysha Cotterill (Data)
Wasiq Mohammad (Data)
Interview SkillsSaba Yaserbi
Cover Letter WorkshopRobbie Lowles
Resume CritiquesReno Natalizio
Natalie Wong
Professonal PhotoshootAlexander Shi

The Board of Directors manages all business and affairs of the Society. The Board is comprised of the two Presidents of the Society, four representatives from the A- Society membership, and four representatives from the B-Society membership. The Business Manager of the Society, as well as the two VPs Finance, also sits as an ex-officio non-voting resource member. The Board of Directors will select each term a chair to run the meetings. The term of office for each Director starts September 1st of the year they are elected, and lasts twelve months. The Directors, other than the Presidents, are elected at the Annual Joint General Meeting. Excluding the months of December, April and August, the Board of Directors shall hold a meeting at least once a month to handle higher-level Society and finance affairs. The Board of Directors is governed by the Board procedures in addition to the Engineering Society Governing documents.

Board Procedures

Current Board of Directors 2018 – 2019

A Society Seats:

  • Céline O’Niel, Software 2020
  • Simon Grigg, Mechanical 2019
  • Emma Kennedy, Nanotechnology 2020
  • Lindsay Glofcheskie, Systems Design 2021
President A: Mariko Shimoda

VP Finance A: Michelle Teplitski

B Society Seats:

  • Ben Beelen, Environment 2020
  • Bryn Cummings, Environment 2020
  • Ellen McGee, Systems Design 2022
  • Heather Cowan, Mechanical 2021
President B:  Katie Arnold
VP Finance B:  Michael Beauchemin

Feds Engineering Councillor Seat:  Jason Small, Systems Design 2020

Chair of the Board of Directors: Matthew Suski, Mechanical 2020

University of Waterloo Acknowledgement

We, the Waterloo Engineering Society, acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional territory of ‎ the Attawandaron (Neutral), Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. The University of Waterloo is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes ten kilometers on each side of the Grand River.