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With meetings taking place weekly in POETS, EngiQueers is a drop-in, anonymous chapter of the not-for-profit EngiQueers Canada.

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Related Groups

The Engineering Society is a member of many different organizations both within the University and externally. Below are organizations the Society works closely with to provide services and representation to students. To find out more about any of the groups or how to get involved please visit their website.

Engineering Student Societies Council of Ontario (ESSCO)
The Engineering Students Societies Council of Ontario is the provincial organization that represents undergraduate engineering students. The purpose of this organization is to facilitate communication between the schools, as well as to provide certain services and outreach opportunities to students. ESSCO maintains a voice for all the students of engineering in Ontario to the various provincial organizations including Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Council of Ontario Dean’s of Engineering (CODE), and the Ontario Society for Professional Engineers (OSPE).

Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES)
The CFES stands for the Canadian Federation of Engineering students and is the national version of our Engineering Society. The purpose of the organization is to facilitate national communications between schools and provide representation for undergraduate engineering students. They are a member of CELF which is the Canadian Engineering Leadership Forum along with Engineers Canada, The Canadian Academy of Engineers, The Engineering Institute of Canada, The association of Canadian Engineering Companies and the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science.  They have representation in the Canadian engineering bodies such as Engineers Canada, The Canadian engineering accreditation board and the national council of deans of engineering and applied science.

University of Waterloo Federation of Students (Feds)
Since 1967, the Federation of Students (Feds) has existed as the official voice of undergraduate students of the University of Waterloo. Feds undertakes activities both on and off campus to serve, empower and represent students. Feds operates seven commercial services, six student-run services, encompasses more than 200 clubs, supports student societies, and oversees Orientation Week, Welcome Week and a number of other special events held on campus. Feds lobbies the government on behalf of undergraduates and ensures positive relationships between students and the municipality.