After 16 months my Executive team and I have wrapped up our term as your A-Society Executive. It was an honour to both serve and represent our fellow undergraduate engineering students.

The past year has flipped the world upside down and I have been incredibly proud of the adaptability my team demonstrated. Even though this executive term was nothing like what we expected, we were able to still keep the Society going strong, make an impact (hopefully a positive one), and we also learned a ton along the way.

There is often a disconnect between what engineering students see from EngSoc on the front end and all of the work that goes in on the backend so my team and I have each written a final executive summary to record some of our biggest focuses over the past 16 months. Hopefully these reviews help you understand all that has been happening behind the scenes.


President – Delainey Lindstrom-Humphries

VP Academic – Amanda Morin

VP Communications – Andrew Dickson

VP Finance – Lars Glofcheskie

VP Student Life – Olamide Olatunbosun

This concludes our term as exec or as I like to call it, our wild 16 month adventure. On behalf of the outgoing executive team, we would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season,

Delainey Lindstrom-Humphries

Outgoing President

University of Waterloo Engineering Society ‘A’