EngSoc COVID-19 Advocacy

Dear Engineering Students, 

We’re sure you are now well aware of the University’s decision to move Spring 2020 classes online. We are sure it was a difficult decision to make and one the University does not make lightly. We also only learned of this decision today, and will be working to bring clarification to this situation. 

We are sure you have many questions and concerns, and are unsure what this change is going to mean moving forward. Many of the specifics are still to be determined.  We are working on your behalf to bring clarity to the many questions you may have over the coming weeks. 

Given there is 6 weeks until the beginning of your academic or co-op term, this allows time to inform students of what is to come, and allow University leadership to make decisions in the best interest of the student population.  We are here to advocate on your behalf, and ensure your voice is heard as these decisions are made.  

We ask for your patience during this process, as we work to get you answers and advocate on your behalf.

We hope you stay safe and healthy during these times. 


Ellen McGee and Delainey Lindstrom-Humphries

Engineering Society Presidents