Welcome to Spring Term!


I have been looking forward to Spring 2020, since probably last summer. I was pumped to get back on campus and see my friends, hang out in POETS, take interesting classes, throw purple powder during Engineering Day and spend a bit too much time in the EngSoc Office. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in the world recently and we will now be attending classes online. It’s been a bit of a process over the last few weeks to accept and understand what this term means for everyone. It’s not the summer I envisioned but I can tell you with certainty that I am just as excited for it!

I can’t see my friends in person, but I can see them over video chat! I can still hang out in POETS, just on the POETS channel on the EngSoc Discord server. Classes moving online gives me the chance to rewatch lectures and really understand the content. My role in EngSoc hasn’t changed either, I still get to do what I really enjoy and be able to represent the Waterloo Engineering students.

Just because the term is moving online doesn’t mean EngSoc has slowed down. If anything, we have been working harder than ever to make sure we are able to support you during this term. I want to know how you are adapting to your online classes and what we can do to help. Come out to our online council meetings so my team can learn how to best represent you. All of our regular services have been adapted to be online so we can still help you get ready for co-op and effectively study. We have a number of events planned to help you stay in touch with your friends. We will be hosting board game nights, coffee houses, garden workshops, e-sports tournaments and more. Check out everything we have planned here: bit.ly/EngSocS20

This term is going to be different, but I hope we can support you through it and help make these times a little easier. I hope to see you at some of our events this term! Like always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

See you online!

Ellen McGee
Waterloo Engineering Society ‘B’