B-Society Spring 2024 Election Results

This election contained fourteen candidates across five positions, four Vice President positions were filled by an outright majority via quota while the WEEF Director position required the use of Ranked Choice Voting to elect the incoming director. The following are the electees in the S[24] Vice President + WEEF Director Election.

  1. Vice President Academic – Victoria Swanson
  2. Vice President Student Life – Christian Bergmann
  3. Vice President Communications – Celia Evans
  4. Vice President Finance – Priyanka Chakravarti
  5. WEEF Director – Elena Sati

Voter Turnout

A total of 3,310 eligible voters were present in this election, turnout ranged per position from 6.79% to 11.63% The official turnout percentage will be the average across positions. This has resulted in the election turnout being 8.8%.

Reach out to Muhammad Kanji, cro.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca for any concerns or questions.