Julia Evans: Incoming B-Society President

B-Society Spring 2024 Presidential Election Results

Voting for the S [24] President Election concluded on June 5th at 22:01, the initial results declared Julia Evans the victor with 308.0 votes. Unfortunately given confirmed reports that A-Society members were able to vote this result was not declared valid until June 6th at 13:10. During validation twenty-nine votes were declared invalid. Due to confidentiality, the position of these votes is unknown and therefore the breakdown is not fully accurate. Nevertheless, this error does not exceed the margin of victory maintained by the candidate, hence the Incoming B-Society President is Julia Evans

This election contained a single candidate, but voters were able to select a No Candidate option or decline their vote. Given the limited choices, the candidate needed a simple majority to attain election, this constitutes a 50% +1 vote with the voters needing to choose Yes/Julia Evans or No/No Candidate. Electoral Disputes must be brought up within 48 hours of the end of voting prior to the candidate’s ratification.

Voter Turnout

A total of 3,310 eligible voters were present in this election and 342 ballots were cast. This has resulted in a confirmed voter turnout of 10.33%.

Reach out to Muhammad Kanji, cro.b@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca for any concerns or questions.