151 Frobisher Drive, Unit C109
Waterloo, Ontario
N2V 2C9

I do not offer therapy/treatment at this time. I offer assessment services – psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessments. If students are experiencing learning difficulties or cognitive issues (e.g., problems with attention, processing speed, memory), I can complete an assessment and provide recommendations, or a diagnosis (if applicable).

An assessment takes a minimum of 6-8 hours to complete. There is often a wait for booking an assessment of a few months.

Assessment starts at $2700
151 Frobisher Drive – Unit B207 – Waterloo N2V 2C9

For students who cannot afford my fee, I am able to reduce the fee to $ 190/session, but they need to ask me for it (or I will assume they will be paying my standard fee).

I am a clinical psychologist as such I basically treat several issues.  I do not treat PTSD, OCD, eating or sexual disorders; nor do I work with WSIB or MVA cases.

Anything else you would like a student to know:  Good portion of my case load consist of students from both universities and I worked at UW at the counselling services at the beginning of my career.  I have a good understanding of students’ needs and issues.

570 University Avenue East, Suite 903, Waterloo, ON, N2K 4P2

I specialize in anxiety, OCD, worry, depression, stress, trauma, insomnia, perfectionism, body image concerns, panic attacks.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment that has been scientifically proven to be effective for a wide variety of mental health difficulties. The goal of CBT is to identify and modify unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that may be contributing to emotional difficulties and keeping you stuck. CBT is based on the premise that how we think (e.g., our beliefs and assumptions) impacts our feelings and behaviours.

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22 King Street South, Unit 402 Waterloo, ON, N2J 1N8

No referral is needed. Simply call or email the clinic to chat with our office administrator, Heather, who can match interested students to a psychologist and book the first session. Once someone has had their initial session, they can book and manage the rest of their appointments online.
-Psychological assessments (diagnostic assessments); $900-$1200
-Psychoeducational assessments; $2600
-Neuropsychological assessments; $3000-$4000