Spring 2017 Directorship Application

Hey EngSoc!

Directorship Applications for the Spring 2017 term are open! If you want to help organize, plan, and run any of the events and services offered by the Engineering Society, please apply: http://bit.ly/DirectorshipApp

Descriptions of all available positions can be found here: http://bit.ly/S17Director

If there is a directorship that you think the Engineering Society should have but currently does not, please feel free to fill in your application with the idea that you have. We are always open to new ideas that could be implemented to improve student life at Waterloo.

This application will close on Friday December 23rd.

If you have any questions, please email the incoming President, Abdullah Barakat, at a7barakat@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest in being involved in your Engineering Society!

Incoming ‘A’ Society Executive
Abdullah, Pat, Mariko, Michael, Steven & Céline