FEDS General Meeting – YOU CAN VOTE!

The Federation of Students is having its General Meeting this Wednesday! Every University of Waterloo undergrad student gets a vote!!

Date: October 24, 2018

Time: 12:00 pm

Location: SLC Great Hall

AgendaOctober 2018 Agenda (PDF)

Agenda Supporting Documents: Motion 5a Proposed Bylaw Changes (PDF)

Stream Online: livestream  

Read the Agenda and supporting documents for the details; but see below for a summary of some of the changes proposed!

1. Councillor proxies would be assigned to Councillors,  These proxies would also be required to list an opinion/decision for every item.  (proxies are given blank to Feds and the first 30 would be immediately handed to Councillors from the same constituency as the proxier).  Also note: currently proxies cannot be used to vote for Directors or Auditor related items (at all).   Board-Procedure-on-General-Meeting-Proxies

2. A change to the election for the FEDS Board of Directors: Director applications would be online and voted on by either a GM or Council of Delegates so anyone can participate and become a director, not just the people who bring their friends to the Winter GM.

3. Councillors, Execs, and Directors can be more easily removed from office. The new thresholds to call a recall referendum on a Councillor or Exec are 10% OR 500, whichever is fewer; and for removal of a Director, it’s 50%+1 at a GM or Council of Delegates.

4. Amending the bylaws would now require consultation with students before the items can go to a GM (with some minor exceptions for legal compliance).

A thank you to the FEDS Media team for the graphic and Seneca Velling for the summaries.