Welcome and Welcome Back!

After a long summer term and Orientation week I would like to welcome all of you for the Fall 2014 term. This is a big time for the Society with a lot of exciting changes and new progress happening. Some highlights include:

– The first term of the newly created Engineering Society Board of Directors
– The grand opening of the Engineering Society Electronics Shop Ridgidware
– A General Meeting where every Engineering Society student will receive a vote
– A student referendum on the donation to the new Engineering 7 Building
– A brand new website now complete with updated information and a less awful yellow background
– The first Engineering Society Career Fair and First Year Student Conference

All of the Executive, commissioners, directors and Engineering Society volunteers have been working so hard throughout the summer to prepare for the Fall term and we are ready to hit the ground running! If you are interested in anything mentioned above, getting involved in the Engineering Society or just want to find out more please do not hesitate to e-mail me at president.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca or stop by the EngSoc office (CPH 1327) to chat.

Thanks engineers and see you around!

Leila Meema-Coleman
President A