Vice-President & WEEF Director Election – Announcement of Results

Hello EngSoc,

Thank you all for participating in the Vice-President & WEEF Director Elections!
This second round of elections consisted of a two-week long campaigning period, with various candidate Q&A forums as well as great platforms put forward by all candidates.

This was followed by a voting period, which featured a total of 686 responses and a 15.06% voter turnout.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to get informed and vote!

Without further ado, the winners of the each position are:

VP Student Life: Mariko Shimoda
VP Communications: Steven Jia & Celine O’Neil
VP Academic: Patricia Duong
VP Operations & Finance: Michael Beauchemin
WEEF Director: Sarah McCurdy

This result will be up for ratification at the next council meeting this upcoming Wednesday, November 16th.
As per EngSoc bylaws, the breakdown of the votes have been published and are available on this spreadsheet.

It’s been an honour working with all the candidates and serving all of you as Chief Returning Officer.
Thanks for a great term, and best of luck to our newly elected Executive Council. Do us proud!

Sameer Chitley
CRO ‘A’ Society