Presidential Election – Announcement of Results

Hello EngSoc,

Thank you all for participating in the Presidential Election!
Over the past few weeks we’ve heard the platforms of five candidates, and watched them campaign and convince you why you should vote for them.

And vote you did! We had a whopping 1244 responses with 27.84% voter turnout.

Without further ado, the candidate receiving the majority of votes is: Abdullah Barakat.
This result will up for ratification at the next council meeting this upcoming Wednesday, October 5th.

A motion was passed in our last council meeting to publish the round-by-round results of the single-transferrable voting process. This motion affects this race, and as such the results can be found on this document.

Thank you all for a great election cycle!

Sameer Chitley
CRO ‘A’ Society

P.S. Nominations for other Executive and WEEF DIrector positions open up after the study break in October. The full details can be found on our website.