Notice of Vice-Presidential/WEEF Nominations & Elections

We’ve elected a President – time to elect the rest of the team!

Nominations for the Vice-Presidential and WEEF elections can be dropped off in the EngSoc Office (CPH 1327) between October 23rd and 27th.

Campaigning starts on Sunday, October 29th at 8:00 pm and will run to the 8th of November. There will be several opportunities to ask the candidates questions and all the candidates will be visiting the Class of ’22.

After campaigning, voting opens on Friday, November 10th. You will get an email to vote for your preferred candidate(s) using the FEDs online voting system.

Finally, we’ll announce the new Executive Team and WEEF Director at our Council Meeting on Wednesday, November 15th in RCH 301! The results will then also be posted to the Engineering Society website.


Remember that an informed vote is the best kind of vote! If you have any questions about the above information, or anything else elections related, reach out to us at or