Kicking off the Vice Presidential & WEEF Race

We have reached the end of the nomination period for the Vice Presidential & WEEF Race. Without further ado, here are the names of your candidates running for various VP & WEEF Positions of the Engineering ‘A’ Society:

VP Student Life
Awn Duqoum
Mariko Shimoda

VP Operations & Finance
Michael Beauchemin

VP Academic
Patricia Duong

VP Communications
Emma Kennedy/Joanna Liu (Candidate Pair)
Steven Jia/Celine O’Neil (Candidate Pair)

WEEF Director
Sarah McCurdy

Campaigning period begins Monday, October 24th and ends Friday, November 4th. I wish the candidates the best of luck, and hope you, the voters, get informed this election season!

Sameer Chitley
CRO ‘A’ Society