Get to Know Your Presidential Candidates

Hello EngSoc,

Hope all of you are enjoying your second full week on-term!
The EngSoc Presidential Elections are underway, with campaigning in full blast. Stop on by the Presidential Forum on Tuesday, 4:30PM in POETS to hear the candidates discuss their platforms, and ask them questions about their platforms.

If you’re interested in learning more about the candidates via other avenues, follow the links below to view Candidate Bios. These bios can also be found posted on either side of the POETS main entrance.

Abdullah Barakat
Awn Duqoum
Patricia Duong
Simon Grigg
Jeff Gulbronson

I encourage you to be informed and aware of all the candidates platforms so that you can make an informed decision during election period next week.

Enjoy the rest of the campaign period!
Sameer Chitley
Chief Returning Officer ‘A’ Society