October Director of the Month Nominations

Andrew DicksonAlways takes initiatives with his directorships to make the life of a busy and frazzled VP Finance easier AND to better the society, and does it all with a great attitude!
Anson LauFeeds people at council! Always does a good job.
Awn DuqoumAwn
Ben MoirBen Moir ran the First Year Engineering Leadership Conference, successfully guiding first year engineering students in their path towards leadership. I personally went the the event, and am very thankful for Ben organizing the event, and I found it fun and helpful. For this reason, Ben deserves an award.
DEANNA DANELONBecause she's a babe I don't care that she's a director this term she was great last term with no recognition and that's a travesty anyways bye!!
Francesca VuongHas been first point of contact with Turret/Wilfs as we go through 100x the usual venue-booking troubles. Has been incredibly consistent and professional about getting all of this done, and this has been instrumental in getting Semi to actually happen this term. Every time someone checks in about the status of venue communications, she's already done it and has updates.
Julian PettitHis last name may be Pettit but he serves a venti amount of free food
Kiera fucking mathersWorked their ass off and ran the best push in 3 years. Lots of good work and amazing paperwork
Kiera MathersRan an amazing buss push
Linday GlofcheskieDoing great job with history and poets and also being super welcoming and stuff
Lindsay GlofTook time out of his weekend to help decorate POETS!
Lucy ShenLucy heads 3 directorships, as well as seeming to contribute to media taken of various engineering events. One event that was very successful was the speed dating event, where they actually had to turn away people because it was so successful. On top of that, she is directing the Bus Push event, which I am very excited about. Her large contribution to EngSoc is why I think she deserves an award.
Mivia LiDoing an awesome job with responding very promptly to website update requests to maintain it properly
Reed RodgersFor having my back on Data Directorship when the going gets rough. Also a hilarious actor
Reno NatalizioReno Natalizio ran 3 directorships, with one very successful one being the Resume Critiques. The event went very smoothly with the guidance of Reno, and I'm sure most, if not all the people who went to the event were very grateful for the event, including myself. For this reason I nominate Reno Natalizio.
Robbie LowlesDoing a right bang-up job as DOTM Director
Robbie Lowlesidk he seems ok
Robbie Lowleseat me
Sarah Madigan (comm technically)Not spamming the newsletter like last term, facebook presence has been good
Shweta SalilDoing an awesome job with responding very promptly to website update requests to maintain it properly
Will LosinSuper engaged and excited and ramen eating was awesome
William LosinRamen Noodle Eating Contest is a great idea and it wasn't screwed up so yay

Winners will be announced at Council Meeting #3 on Wednesday, October 31st!