Executive Review Committee Final Report

The Executive Review Committee (ERC) has been working over the past year to investigate the current Executive structure and determine if it is the most effective for the Society. ERC has prepared a final report which goes outlines a new proposed structure which will be voted on at Joint Annual General Meeting (see previous blog post). This report as well as the changes to the governing documents and motion are linked here:

ERC Final Report
Motion to Modify Executive Structure
Bylaw 1 Constitution ERC Edits
Bylaw 2 Elections and Referenda ERC Edits
Bylaw 3 Finances ERC Edits
Policy Manual ERC Edits
Bylaw 3 Finances ERC Edits
To answer some questions about the changes this would mean here are some FAQ`s about the new structure:

Why did you do this?
After investigating the current structure and gathering feedback from past and current Executive officers, external organizations, and at-large members, ERC determined that the current structure does not involve an even distribution of work at each tier of the hierarchy and the positions did not align with the mission and vision of the Society. The changes proposed by ERC are recommended in order to even the distribution of work and to realign the positions.

2. Are these changes being implemented without question?
No. These changes are only recommendations made by ERC. ERC will be presenting the report to general council to discuss the recommendations and the proposed changes will be voted on.

3. When are these recommendations being discussed?
ERC will be presenting their recommendations at the Joint Annual General Meeting on Sunday, July 5th and discussion will be open for all general members during this time.

4. When would this new structure take effect and would it be for both societies?
If the new structure is adopted, it will take effect the first day of the Spring 2016 academic term. When the changes come into effect, Executive holding positions that are no longer referenced in the governing documents will remain in their positions until their term of office is complete; this means that on B-Society, this structure would take effect with the new Executive Officers elected in the Spring 2016 election and on A-Society it would take effect with the new team elected in Fall 2016.

5. If I have any questions or concerns, who should I talk to?
Any questions can be directed to president.a@engsoc.uwaterloo.ca, or they can be discussed at the Joint Annual General Meeting on July 5th at 10am.