Executive Breakdown: VP Communications

As you might know this Fall we have elections for all of the Executive positions in the Society! Nominations are currently open for the following positions: VP Academic, VP Student Life, VP Communications, and VP Finance and Operations. Leading up to the nomination period each of the current Exec members has been creating a blog post detailing what each of our positions actually does, what an average day is like, where we see the portfolio going, and why we love what we do. Watch out for all our posts and get in touch if you want more information!

The Role of VP Communications – What it takes to be a VP Comm

The Vice President Communications portfolio can be divided into two main portfolios: External Representation/Communications and Marketing/Branding. Each of these can be broken down into smaller roles and responsibilities.

Taken from the old VP External role, the VP Comm will be responsible for sitting on councils and committees, logistics for conferences and liaising with external organizations, mainly, the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES), the Engineering Student Societies’ Council of Ontario (ESSCO) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

ESSCO and CFES run conferences across Canada that the VP Comm will attend and select delegates to also attend. These conferences are for undergraduate engineering students to network and attend sessions on various topics, such as how students can improve their engineering societies, inclusivity, and professional development. In addition to attending these sessions, the VP Comm will attend plenary at several of these conferences. At plenary, the VP Comm contributes to discussions on motions for upcoming changes on the provincial and national levels that affect engineering students and votes on these motions on behalf of the Waterloo Engineering Society ‘A’. Furthermore, the VP Comm may either choose to attend monthly PEO Grand River meetings, or select a PEO representative to attend and liaise with this organization.

The VP Comm will be responsible for internal and external marketing and branding of the Society, including online presence and advertising for events and services. In taking over the duties currently under the Communications Commissioner, the VP Comm will work with directors and an advertising commissioner to keep EngSoc’s website, mailing list, social media, and posters up-to-date and relevant.

Even if you have little to no experience with conferences or marketing, consider running and bringing your unique experiences or perspectives to the role! It really is an awesome experience and if you’re at all interested in running, please do not hesitate to shoot either of us an email and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.


If you are interested in the elections or possibly running for an Exec position check Adelle’s past blog posts that go over why you should consider running and the process of the elections. Also check out some of these other cool blog posts on the other available positions!

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William Wilmot
VP External Engineering Society ‘A’

Céline O’Neil
Communications Commissioner