Submit Exams and Win Prizes Every Month!

EngSoc is holding a monthly raffle where YOU can submit exams to and at the end of the month, your name could be publicly announced as the winner of a fantastic prize!


Please Include:

  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Waterloo Email
  • Course Code
  • Instructor
  • Submission Type [e.g. Quiz, Midterm, Exam, Other]
  • Solutions Included [e.g. Yes, No]

If you submit 100 legitimate entries, our exam bank director will personally take you out to dinner!


  • Each submission will give you one entry for the end of the month raffles.
  • Solutions will garner you another entry.
  • For every 5 submissions, you also get an extra entry.
  • For every 10 submissions, you get an extra entry on top of the 2 you get from the 5x multiplier.
  • Submissions can be for any department in Engineering and any electives. Old and new are both welcomed. If you find something before 1990’s, you will get 5 entries.

What are you waiting for? Email today 🙂