ESSCO AGM Delegate Applications

Howdy folks,

Going through the website, it was found that none of the blog posts the executive have put up have been about conferences. To change that, here we go!!

Coming up in May is the Engineering Student Society’s Council of Ontario’s Annual General Meeting (​ESSCO AGM​)​. This conference introduces the new council of VP Externals​ and their delegates​​ (new, because most universities have their elections annually instead of every 16 months)​ to ESSCO, PEO, OSPE and the CFES as well as their new role on council. The focus of this conference is leadership development and the sharing of best practices​ among universities in Ontario​. This is achieved by having external speakers and previous ESSCO alumni run sessions and speak to delegates. The ESSCO Executive​ team​ for the next year are ​also ​elected at ESSCO AGM,

​If you would like to apply to attend this conference which will be held from May 26-29​, 2016, please apply here:

​Also, if you have any questions about this or any other conference that EngSoc sends delegates to, please email​