Engineering Society Referendum Results

This Fall term engineering students voted on a student donation to the building of Engineering 7. The Referendum results are in and by a majority vote students voted Yes.

The vote breakdown was:
Yes: 62.68% (430)
No: 37.32% (256)

Since this is a Joint Referendum another vote will be held in the Winter term for all students not on campus this term. If the result of that vote is also “yes” the Joint Referendum result will be “yes”. If the winter result is “no” the Joint Referendum result will be “no”.

The Waterloo Engineering Society would like to thank all the students who participated in this important referendum. If anyone has any questions in regards to the referendum and the implications of the results, they are welcome to contact Austin Boucinha the CRO, or Leila Meema-Coleman, the EngSoc “A” President, by email.

Leila Meema-Coleman & Austin Boucinha