Directorship Applications Spring 2020


Hello everyone! Directorship applications for Spring term are open! Directorships are an exciting way to get involved with EngSoc by helping run important events and services. There are many positions available under many different umbrellas. To just name a few:

  • Mental Health (Mental Health Blog, Puppies in POETS)
  • Communications (Social Media, Graphic Design, Media, PEO) 
  • Student Services (Workshops, Resume Critiques, Exam Bank)
  • Events (Talent, Semi Formal, Esports)
  • Finance (POETS, Charities, Student Deals, Novelties)
  • Outreach (WiE, Educational Outreach, Pride Parade)
  • Waterloo Engineering Competition (Competition director, logistics)
  • EngHacks (Sponsorship, Hacker Experience, Logistics)
  • Involvement (P**5, Scunt)
  • Create your own! 

We would be thrilled for you to get involved with something you are passionate about, or want to learn more about! You can find the complete list of directorships here:

Please apply by Jan. 5th! Let executive know if you have any questions! Email

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!