Director of the Month Nominations May 2019!

Congrats to our Director of the Month Josh White! Here’s what your nomination had to say:

Super amazing resume critique. Tons of ppls showed up and he had like 3 directorshios in a row and he planned them like a champ. Had good ideas and made the events run successfully.

Here are the other noms:



Annie Lepage, Lucy Gong:

For being so on top of things for WEC senior design, and for spending a saturday taking stock of the storeroom ❤️


An amazing job w/ making posters, running FB and reddit!!!


Lots of really amazing posters and designs!!!

Ben Ho: Ran an awesome design workshop!

Katie Arnold: 

She’s doing super work with the website and is a rad gal overall

Tina Gao: Amazing graphics + lots of responsibility!

Nosh: Why not?


For taking an ENTIRE Saturday to sell Novelties merch at alumni reunion!!

Andrew Dickson: 

For basically doing all of coverall sales on Friday and most of Tuesday!



Delainey, Dante, Emma, Reno, Lindsay, Andrew:

For being an awesome help with coverall sales!



All the POETS managers:

For having some cool themes this month!


And big thanks to all of our directors for their amazing work!!