Director of the Month – January 2017

Your EngSoc Director of the Month!Congrats to Bryn Cummingss who is EngSoc’s director of the month for January 2017! Bryn is in Enviro 2020 and she is the charities director this term and she has been doing a wonderful job so far! Bryn has brought in a lot of new ideas into the directorship – such as a raffle (tickets are on sale every Tuesday in the CPH foyer until February 14th), valentine’s candies, and fortune cookies.  The enthusiasm that she has brought to the role has brought new life to this directorship and has been making a really positive impact in our school and in our community!

Thank you Bryn for all of your hard work and we look forward to seeing the other events that you have planned for this term!




A bred lik by Katie Chin:

my name is Bryn
and you’ll agree
i do a lot
for charity
I do my best
to pure the soul
i take the world
i mak it whole