Commissioner and Speaker Applications are Open!

Hello Engineering Society! Applications are now open for all commissioner positions and the Society speaker. Full position description can be read below. Applications will remain open until November 10th at midnight. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview before the final decision is made.

Communications Commissioner
The Communications Commissioner is in charge of all aspects of communication involved in running the Society. This includes managing the mailing lists, Facebook, twitters, LCD screens and all other social methods. The Communications Commissioner should continue to explore new ways to communicate events, announcements and better keep our members engaged. They will work with a marketing team to lead the communication srategy for events and services throughout the summer.

Outreach Commissioner
The Outreach Commissioner is in charge of working with the VP External to help increase the amount of community outreach done by Waterloo engineering. This individual will work with each of their affiliated directors for high school and community outreach events by giving them support and direction whenever needed. This includes the Education Outreach event, the Canada Day celebrations, and the Pride Parade. The outreach commissioner will also be working with the VP external to communicate with the faculty and administration to run outreach events with their support.

Student Life Commissioner
The Student Life Commissioner is responsible for working with the event directors during the term to ensure that all events are well planned, on budget, and fun! This includes events such as coffee houses, Engplay, athletics, and LAN parties. The Student Life Commissioner is also responsible for planning the calendar of events for the upcoming term and liaising with the VP Internal to ensure that the directors have the resources necessary to successfully hold their events.

Student Services Commissioner
The Student Services Commissioner is in responsible for working with the EngSoc service directors to make sure the services are well run and well planned. This is includes resume critiques, mental health initiatives, and technical workshops run throughout the term. This commissioner will also work with the VP Internal to expand the services offered by the Society.

Waterloo Engineering Competition Commissioner
The Waterloo Engineering Competition (WEC) Commissioner is responsible for organizing and running the Waterloo Engineering Competition, held in the Spring term. The WEC Commissioner work with their team of directors to oversee every aspect of the competition, including the competitions problems for each group, organizing logistics, judges, and signup for interested teams.

The Speaker is responsible for organizing all aspects of the Engineering Society Council Meetings. This includes chairing the meeting, compiling the engenda, advertising the meeting, and ordering food. A good understanding of the Society governing documents and Robert’s Rules is preferable.

If the embedded form is not working you can also apply here: Application