B-Society Fundraiser Wins School of the Month

We’re excited to announce that the University of Waterloo B-Society was honoured with ESSCO August School of the Month! 

This honour comes through the huge success of the Purpling Fundraiser. This past Spring Term, the B-Society Exec team raised funds towards The Trevor Project, crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth.


The fundraiser began at the beginning of the spring term and ran until Engineering Day, July 13th, 2018.  At set milestones different members of the exec team were dyed purple.

  • $500: A Purple Ashley Clark, Mech 2020, VP Student Life
  • $1000: + A Purple Grant Mitchell, Geo 2020, VP Communications
  • $1500: + A Purple Benjamin Beelen, Enviro 2020, VP Academic
  • $2000: + A Purple Liam Yeates, MGMT 2019, VP Finance
  • $3000: + A Purple Katie Arnold, Mech 2020, President

We want to thank everyone who donated! We had a resounding success with a final total of $2747, which is currently being processed, with the final donation to be sent to The Trevor Project as soon as possible!

Much appreciation to the members of faculty and staff who supported our initiative! Thank you to Kari Griffiths and the Faculty of Engineering for the work and dedication they all put into running a wonderful Engineering Day!!