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We specialize in Addiction, Abuse, Anxiety, OCD behaviours, Body image issues, Maladaptive eating/Eating disorders, Problematic sexual behaviours, Depression, Marital discord, Family development, Parenting and child rearing, Family of origin issues, , from trauma, Life management issues, Emotional turmoil, Criminal rehabilitation, Suicidal ideation, Gender identity, LGBTQ challenges.

We offer a donation program wherein the client receives 10 consecutive sessions for a cost of their choosing (between $25 and $50).  Generally these are offered in a weekly format.  We offer this for those who find themselves with significant financial barriers but require assistance.  The counsellors do this work for free and the funds are donated to a non-profit agency.

Sliding Scale: Despite charging $120 as our base fee, we will reduce the fee based on financial need.  There is no time-limit as there is with the Donation Program.

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