Carrie Lee
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I am a holistic psycho-spiritual Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with a focus of supporting clients to personally discover and embrace a fully empowered life of their choosing. In all avenues of practice, my approach is to help clients discover emotional healing and spiritual transformation, personal empowerment and stepping into one's sovereign self - it's all a matter of 'soul-fullness.' I work with adults (18+) from all walks of life, who are facing a variety of life challenges, from mundane to traumatic. My style is open, informal and inclusive.
My main mission is to help others transmute their fears and emotional blocks/pain into their own personal power, step into their dreams on their terms and live their lives fully engaged - discovering the whole of Self - through modalities ranging from traditional talk therapy to intuitive somatic inquiry, and more.
I can help you discover how to translate your personal fears and defenses into truthful and empowering change that supports your dreams, your highest and best self.

Specialties:  Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Spirituality, Grief

Issues: Behavioural issues, codependency, coping skills, depression, divorce, family conflict, grief, life coaching, life transitions, peer relationships, relationship issues, stress, substance abuse, trauma and PTSD

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226 Frederick Street, Kitchener or 42 Cavalier Place, Waterloo
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