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At Bliss Counselling, we are a team of social workers, psychotherapists, sexologists, and counsellors who represent some of KW’s leading experts in the relationship and mental health field. The talented associates at Bliss boast extensive experience and training in a variety of areas, offering specialized services to meet our clients’ needs. We believe therapy is not “one-size fits all”, so we have made it our mandate that every associate specializes in a designated area providing a greater level of expertise to our clients.

Specializations include: Sex Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Stress of post secondary schooling, anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, parenting.  Therapies practice would include hypnotherapy, EMDR, skills drawn from CBT therapy, skills drawn from DBT therapy, mindfulness, psychodynamic, solution focused.

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234 Herbert Street, Waterloo, N2J 1T9
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