Director of the month nominations are out!!!


Reasons he/she/they were nominated

Resume critique

It was phenomenal

Michael Beauchemin

an awesome POETS manager


For being an awesome + friendly POETS manager and for signing up for RW shifts!

Anson Lau

For ordering really good council food for meeting #1 and for guarding the food while council was finishing up.


For having a good selection of pizza during resume critiques

Ben Moir

Logistics & Enthusiasm at FYELC

Emil He

It was her first time being a director and she did amazing! The event was a huge success!!!

Lindsay Glofcheskie

She’s doing a great job of running both EngiQueers and Poets!

Michelle Teplitski

Because they are always friendly and approachable. They are doing SO MANY good things

Michael Beauchemin

Michael seems really dedicated to POETS, EngSoc event planning and getting to know the 1st year engineers in the community. I appreciate that he takes the time for us despite all he has going on

Ben Moir

Ben excelled at coming up with and delivering solutions on a n incredibly tight timeline. A great example is when our dinner reservations fell through due to the caterer and we were told that we would not be accommodated. Without skipping a beat he was able to make alternate arrangements with the same caterer while SAVING us more money, all without even bothering the exec or me as his commissioner even once. He is extremely results oriented but also had his heart in the event and was willing to put in the extra mile before, during and after the event. We were incredibly lucky to have someone of his caliber and grace on our team.

Andrew Dickson

For helping out with coverall sales!! Thank you very much my dude!





Ben and Musab

Literally the best, they pulled FYELC from nowhere and put together a rad day in less than two weeks I am honestly so proud

Ben Moir & Mussab (FYELC)

THEY WERE FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! omg I can’t even. They pulled together a bomb confrence in like two weeks and it was super great and interesting. They worked so, so, so hard and went above and beyond all expectations <3 Can we give them a medal or something too?

Andrew Dickson

for doing great as POETS manager and signing up for a Novelties shift!!


For being a great POETS manager

This one’s for you Robbie

For making a very cool director appreciation form that is quick + easy to fill out
Also your budget submission email was funny

Emily Bauer

For being a good egg

Katie Arnold

Running resume critiques and other awesome stuff even while off term!

Mussab Siddiqui

Mussab displayed an incredible ability to get things done regardless of his personal timeline and worked extremely well under pressure. Given multiple tasks of dry, logistical nature he excelled at getting it all done. He never once complained and was going above and beyond every step of the event, from sponsorship to delegates. He played every possible role in the event and handled stress and pressure with grace and fortitude. Musasb was a rock for our event and we could not have done it without him.


For helping out with coverall sales on the first day!! Thank you so much for helping people pick sizes!!



Reno for Resume Critiques

I’ve never seen this event run that well. We got 200+ people coming out and over 50 volunteers which was largely due to him pushing it like crazy. It was a flawless event. Please give him a prize.

Lindsay Glof

for being an awesome POETS manager and keeping it open until like 9pm on Mondays so I can still make it to EQ

All the POETS managers

For being hella independent and really really good

William Losin

Seems like he’s having a great time and he’s doing a really good job!



Kevin Chan and Diwya De Silva for UX

They made a gorgeous presentation! and drew in a different audience than we usually do with workshops! and they found a staff supervisor so they could hold it in e5 so it would be a nice classroom! Also they’re both the nicest.