Now that all elections have been completed for B-Society Executive, here are the results!

WEEF Director

Votes cast: 152

Candidate: Stephen Milek

Yes votes: 114

No votes: 11

Vice-President Finance

Votes cast: 150

Candidate: Audreie Primandono

Yes votes: 115

No votes: 14

Vice-President Student Life

Votes cast: 151

Candidate: Derek Broekhoven

Yes votes: 116

No votes: 21

Vice-President Communications

Votes cast: 159

Candidates: Nonso Moneme, Elle Nichols

1st place votes: 73 Nonso, 72 Elle, 14 No Candidate

2nd place votes: 40 Nonso, 33 Elle, 86 No Candidate

Winner: Nonso Moneme

Vice-President Academic

Votes cast: 146

Candidates: Matthew Casale, Nicole Sos

1st place votes: 89 Matthew, 47 Nicole, 10 No Candidate

2nd place votes: 44 Nicole, 30 Matthew, 72 No Candidate

Winner: Matthew Casale

Congratulations to the winners!